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Paula Galán  [Pow-la  Gah-lan]

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work in the UK, Australia, the US, and Colombia on a range of creative projects, including TVCs, online content, documentaries, short films, business comms, and music videos. My aspiration is to consistently produce work that is both innovative and thought-provoking. 

What sets my approach apart is a deep commitment to the human aspect of every project. Authenticity, respect, and integrity are the guiding principles that underpin my work ethic.


With a background in both filmmaking and Anthropology, complemented by specialized training in Project Management and Marketing, I've cultivated a cross-functional skill set that enables me to collaborate effectively with diverse clients and excel in various industries.


The most rewarding thing about the work I do is having an impact. This wouldn't be possible without a great team and a collaborative work culture, which is why I'm always looking to connect with inspiring people from all around the world.

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