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It's a massive platform to share my ideas and tell stories that will make an impact. 
Being a Googler, I'd be able to improve people's lives on a massive scale by helping you create content like
documentary-style films, which are a beautiful and genuine way of engaging an audience.


I want to talk about relevant topics that I'm glad Google is addressing now, like diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and mental health. By joining Google, I can help you come up with new ways of supporting small businesses and sharing their stories, connecting people, and making their lives easier so they can reach their long-term goals.

After reaching out to 3 Googlers and asking them about the culture there, I am confident this is where I want to work at.
I love how you treat and trust your employees, how everyone supports one another, the sense of community,
creativity and fun, as well as the opportunities to keep learning and growing.
To thrive in an environment like this is pretty much guaranteed.




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