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Content Creator


Paula is an incredible and inspiring person and editor, she has her own unique style and vision, however, she always managed to understand exactly what I envisioned for my content. Paula has an immense passion for the planet, nature, sustainability, and people, and cares about making a difference in this world throughout her videos, documentaries, and other content.


Paula came into my team when I was just the beginning of creating a new video and social media concept, she worked on creating a new website, established all brand design and graphics, she was also editing videos for Margreen Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Paula is more than an editor, she took a lead on developing the whole concept for videos, storytelling and scripts. She never hesitated to bring her own unique ideas that were always in such alignment with the concept.


Working with Paula was always a huge pleasure, as she was always beaming with ideas, inspiration and provided valuable knowledge and guidance. She has fantastic communication and time management skills, she always kept to her own deadlines and was able to manage her time and communicate openly about it.


I am proud of knowing Paula and I am sure that she will be amazing at anything she is going to take on!

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Paula is highly committed and organized, making you feel at ease knowing she takes every project seriously and with the level of care it deserves. She is very approachable and open to hearing feedback, ensuring she delivers at the highest level of quality. She can communicate clearly and confidently, reducing the chance for misunderstandings.


Her enthusiasm and passion for storytelling are evident and highly contagious, making working with her very enjoyable!


Marketing Specialist

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Editor & Director

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I’ve know Paula as a colleague and close friend for about 2 years now. First and foremost she is a fantastic editor, with a really positive attitude towards her work. Paula would often give challenging projects and situations a positive spin and be able to approach complex problems with an open mind and an eager attitude. This would often make the lives of her colleagues a whole lot easier when working on potentially challenging projects.

Not only this, but her ability to organise a project from start to finish and stay organised throughout is second to none. I’ve witnessed Paula work on a 15 min Documentary with multiple days rushes whilst simultaneously balancing a web series and anything else that requires doing. She is more than willing to put the work in when required and somehow stays on top of everything whilst doing so.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much of an impact it had on her colleagues when she left London to pursue her career in Australia. Her absence certainly had an impact and she is truly missed by her colleagues at Agile Films. It just goes to show her ambition and drive that she is willing to move across the world to find new and enriching experiences as well as continue to grow as an editor. 

In summary, Paula is not only a talented editor who works extremely hard, she also does is effortlessly with a smile on her face and you can bet there will be a smile on yours to. Trust me.

Paula is the very embodiment of passion and natural talent. I’ve known Paula my whole life, which is why I knew she was the best person to edit the trailer of my first feature film – I needed someone smart, responsible, and reliable. I knew Paula had a sense of humor on a personal level, but she exceeded my expectations by translating her personality to her work – her pacing was impeccable, and it helped sell tickets to our film. I also should add that working with Paula was a wonderful experience: she’s responsive to feedback and works exceptionally fast. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Paula if you are looking for the best video editor.



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I enjoy every project I work on with Paula. She is extremely reliable and never misses a deadline. She always communicates effectively to make sure that she  understands the tone and vision of the script, and this means I have total confidence in her. It's important to me to have a good editor who I trust, and this is why Paula is always my first choice. She is a joy to work with, and the final results are always of the highest quality. I honestly couldn't recommend her enough. 



Production Coord.

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Paula was fantastic and refreshing to work with, great at delivering on time and happy to go the extra mile for the project. She also told a great story with the documentary footage we had, and patiently edited out all my garbling as an interviewer. She worked seamlessly between the colour grader and sound designer over different time zones. I’m looking forward to working with Paula again!

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